The Giant’s Shoulders #43 is out — People, places & things!

The 43rd edition of the history of science blog carnival The Giant’s Shoulders is out today over at  The Dispersal of Darwin!  Go there to read about the people, places and things of the history of science, including:

  • Victorian poet scientists
  • Legends of “cursed” glaciers
  • A pictorial history of the mysterious wolverine (the animal, not the X-Man!)

Many thanks to Michael Barton for putting together an excellent and intriguing edition of the carnival!

We’re still desperately looking for future hosts of the carnival for the next few months!  I’m hoping, now that the holidays are behind us, that people will step forward to volunteer to host.  Please drop us a comment if you’re interested and/or send an email to one of the carnival managers.

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2 Responses to The Giant’s Shoulders #43 is out — People, places & things!

  1. Robert says:

    Cursed glaciers and Victorian poet scientists – sounds right up my street!

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