The Giant’s Shoulders: The Fiftieth Anniversary edition is out!

The fiftieth edition of the history of science blog carnival The Giant’s Shoulders is up at From the Hands of Quacks!  In this lovely edition, you can read about science history in the Olympics, new blogs on women in science, and posts that put the historic Mars Curiosity rover in perspective.  Among the excellent submissions:

  • The athlete in 1913 who drank too much Coca-Cola,
  • A frustrating search for the “truth” about decapitation,
  • How a fragmentary Ichthyosaur skull inspired Jules Verne,
  • and much more!

Thanks to Jai Virdi for putting together a lovely and intriguing carnival!

It looks like we’ll be keeping the carnival going for the near future: The Giants’ Shoulders #51 will be hosted by David Bressan at his History of Geology blog on 16 September 2012. Submissions can be made till 15 September 2012 either directly to the host, to The Renaissance Mathematicus or to me directly via email.

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