The Giant’s Shoulders #51 is out! Tales of Patriotic Science-Nerds, Vortex Cannons and Nuking the Goat

The 51st edition of The Giant’s Shoulders is up at the History of Geology blog!  As its title suggests, within the carnival you can read about:

  • Patriotic science nerd Thomas Jefferson, who defended America’s biological honor with a moose,
  • A very old physics demonstration which has led to some unusual possible applications: the vortex cannon,
  • The role of neurotic goats as test subjects in early nuclear testing,
  • And much more!

Many thanks to David Bressan for taking the time to host and put together an excellent history of science blog carnival!

The next edition will be hosted on October 16 at the Friends of Darwin blog.  Entries can be submitted to the carnival managers, myself (Dr. SkySkull) or ThonyC via email, or directly to the carnival host, by the 15th of October.

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