The Giant’s Shoulders #52 — “Loads more heroes edition” — is out!

I’ve been silent on the blog for the week because I was attending the Frontiers in Optics meeting of the Optical Society of America in Rochester, NY this week.  Hopefully I’ll have more to say about that soon, but…

In the meantime, let me give a belated announcement that 52nd edition of The Giant’s Shoulders history of science blog carnival has been posted at the Friends of Darwin blog!  It is a “heroic” edition of the carnival — once we get past the naive vision of folks like Darwin being solitary geniuses who worked alone, we find that there are a lot more “scientific heroes” who contributed to and led to great discoveries.

In this edition, you can read about:

  • How  Friedrich Miescher discovered what later became known as DNA in decomposing pus,
  • How statistics were used to improve the quality of Guinness,
  • Richard Owen, the “sea-serpent killer”,
  • and much more!

I would like to thank Richard Carter for putting together an excellent themed carnival!

The next edition will be posted on the 16th of November and will be hosted by the ever-awesome Scicurious at The Scicurious Brain.  Entries can be submitted to Thony C or myself via email (or comments), or can be submitted directly to the carnival host.

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1 Response to The Giant’s Shoulders #52 — “Loads more heroes edition” — is out!

  1. arthurunwin says:

    I solved the room temperature super conduction problem some years ago ,be yet I see that
    science is still struggling with it so I thought I would share my work again.
    Maxwell never fully completed his formula as he never reduced it to a minimum variable form.
    The magnetic vector and the electric charge vector can reduced to a single energy vector of electric charge thus removing magnetic’s from the equation. If one placed two plates in close proximitry to each other as with a capacitor we have two di magnetic plates whose fields rejects
    a magnetic field. The electric charge will be confined to a loss less medium between the two plates thus providing a loss less guide for the single vector or particle in the form of a loss less transmission line. This transmission line will change an AC input to a loss less DC charge where
    resistance is zero at the load end with a constant impedance regardless of frequency applied.
    As with a normal transmission line shorting the load end provides a loss less radiation system
    where additional plates added we see the connection to a dielectric slab wave guide which will guide the total energy particle out in a loss less manner . without any connection to wavelength
    One can also take a different approach by viewing the Yagi antenna via capacitive coupling where all additional elements are placed on the underside of the driver thus removing wave length as a factor. For a di magnetic plate and transmission line I used as a meta material a metalized
    plastic bag for sealing food.where the plastic cover over the aluminum serves as a dielectric which
    acts in Shottky form.
    The above also dismisses the Duality theorem as the above practical experiment shows that energy such as light etc consists of a di magnetic particle.
    Hopefully some one will read this account regarding room temperature superconductivity explanation which will allow science to direct its efforts else where
    Art Unwin
    Bloomington IL

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