The Giant’s Shoulders #56 is out!

The 56th edition of the history of science blog carnival, The Giant’s Shoulders, is up at The Dispersal of Darwin!  In this edition, you can read about:

  • How a (sort of) believer in ancient astronauts almost became U.S. President,
  • The searchers of the dead: the unappreciated 16th people who collected and inspected the bodies of plague victims,
  • Forgeries, lies, and deception in history,
  • Charles Darwin’s geological studies,
  • Macaque and dagger in the simian space race: how espionage and science crossed paths in early space exploration,
  • and much more!

Many thanks to Michael Barton for putting together a really interesting and large carnival!

We’re still looking for more hosts for the carnival, but next month I will host The Giant’s Shoulders right here at Skulls in the Stars, posting on the 16th!  Submissions can be sent directly to me via email, blog comment, or twitter.

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