Coming soon: The Complete Guide to Science Blogging!

It’s finally been officially announced, and I’m delighted to share the news here: in early 2015, The Complete Guide to Science Blogging will be published!  Edited by amazing science communicators Christie Wilcox, Jason G. Goldman and Bethany Brookshire, this book will be a resource for science types to learn how to effectively use a variety of social meda.  It will contain 25 essays by a variety of “expert science communicators” on a variety of topics, ranging from coping with internet trolls to impacting science classrooms.


I don’t know the entire list of authors yet, which is being released gradually on the official Facebook page, but I know one pretty well: me!  I’ve contributed a chapter about “blogging on the tenure track,” a topic I’m rather familiar with since I started blogging pre-tenure and included my online activities in my tenure package.

The book is tentatively scheduled for release in Spring of 2015, and I’m looking forward to it!  Please help us give it a little momentum and give the Facebook page a like!


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