Fake Book Titles Extravaganza!

I blame my twitter friend Bhaal_Spawn.  One Friday, a couple of months ago, she joined into a #FakeBookTitleFriday hashtag, in which one Photoshops new (and silly) titles onto covers of old books that are otherwise suggestive. Her thread can be seen here.

Of course, the concept of making fake book titles is not new, as Paperback Paradise has been posting hilarious covers for quite a while now, but I hadn’t felt the urge to try my hand at them myself.  But I was suddenly inspired (and probably looking for approval from Bhaal_Spawn, who is totally cool), and I started my own rapid-fire set of Fake Book Titles.

And I’m still doing them!  I must admit that I’m a bit addicted at this point. It is not only a way for me to exercise my funny bone, so to speak, but also to get some practice at Photoshop, so it’s a win-win for me.  But not everyone who follows the blog follows me on twitter, so I thought I’d share the massive collection of titles I’ve made so far over here, for your entertainment!  (I also wanted to collect them all in one place.)

Here they are, in order of my tweeting them!  Note that many of them use foul language, and a couple have partial nudity, so if this offends you, you might want to steer clear!

So without further ado, here are my Fake Book Titles!

Original title: Nurse In Training.

Original title: The Seagulls Woke Me.

Original title: A Bright Star Falls.

Original title: Minnow Vale.

Original Title: When No One Was Looking. Here I started to get really serious about matching original fonts.

Original title: The Preserving Machine.

Original title: Daybreak 2250 A.D. Couldn’t resist getting a bit political.

Original title: The Secrets of Synchronicity.

Original title: Wandl the Invader.

Original title: El Gran Cementerio.

Original title: Who Killed Daddy?

Original title: The Woman Aroused!

Original title: Uncharted Stars.

Original title: Earth’s Last Fortress.

Original title: Fortress Atlantis.

Original title: The Mysterious Planet. At this point I wondered if I was going to far. Yet I continued.

Original title: Troubling a Star. Sorry, Madeleine.

Original title: L’Ile des Mysteres. This cover was a bit risque, but the title I gave it made me really giggle, so…

Original title: The Battling Pilot. Feel free to imagine whichever airline most irritates you in the title instead.

Original title: Cherry Ames, Night Supervisor.

Original title: Daisy Summerfield’s Style. Seriously, what is up with this cover?

Original title: The Dying Earth.

Original title: Solar Lottery. I was tired and got a little sloppy with the editing on this one.

Original title: Opening Night.

Original title: Die Trummerreiter. A friend sent me the original cover, for which I am thankful!

Original title: We Claim These Stars. Here I started downloading new fonts to make things look as close to the original as possible.

Original title: Virgin Planet. The most satisfying covers to subvert are the ones that were originally sexist.

Original title: Frightened Stiff. This one will be hard to understand once we’re done with 2018, assuming we’re still here.

Original title: Planet Stories magazine.

Original title: The Man Who Japed. I regret nothing.

Original title: Four From Planet 5.

Original title: Earthworks.

Original title: Our Friends From Frolix 8.

Original title: The Green Queen.

Original title: Rebels of the Red Planet. My first after a significant hiatus.

Original title: The Bennington Stitch.

Original title: Popularity Plan.

Original title: Dave’s Song.

Original title: Lord of the Green Planet. One of my favorites.

Original title: Three Worlds to Conquer.

Original title: Donna Parker in Hollywood. I had this idea from pretty much the very beginning, but it took me weeks to find a font I liked.

Original title: Three Loves Has Sandy.

Original title: The Mystery of the Fiery Eye. This one is a little specialized, but if you know the history of archaeology, it’s pretty hilarious.

Original title: The Haunted Fort. After I did this one, I learned that everyone and their cousin had the same idea, but I am still proud of it.

Original title: Eye in the Sky.

Original title: The Big Time.

Original title: The Damned One. This is a bit of a meta-meme.

Original title: Night of the Warlock.

Original title: Lucky Starr and the Moons of Jupiter.

Original title: Frosty the Snowman. Yes, I did these over Christmas.

Original title: The Christmas Tree Hessian.

Original title: Heartlines.

Original title: The Light of Lilith.

Original title: Mankind Under the Leash.

Original title: The British. Why restrict myself to U.S. politics?

Original title: Laugh Lines. I put in a LOT of work to remove the original title from the very cluttered background.

Original title: The Mystery of the Moaning Cave. I loved the Three Investigator books as a kid!

Original title: Rodent Mutation.

Original title: Conan the Barbarian. Sometimes the lowest hanging fruit is the tastiest.

Original title: The Secret of Zi.

Original title: Swords in the Mist.

I should conclude with a disclaimer that I am not intending to make fun of the authors or artists for these books (except for the really awful sexist ones). This is all just a bit of silly fun.

I don’t think I’ll be stopping these book titles any time soon, so keep an eye out for an update in a few months!

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3 Responses to Fake Book Titles Extravaganza!

  1. Bradley Kjell says:

    For me, sometimes its funniest when the title might actually be a title rather than a meme-type caption. “Complete Book of Boner Jokes”, “Attack of the Flying Rats”, “Art School Dropout”,
    “The Trouble with Tinder”, …. hmm… this is fun.

  2. Tim says:

    I’m particularly a fan of “No, I Don’t Think It’s Radioactive. Why Do You Ask?”

  3. Bill Watts says:

    Funny as hell, thanks for sharing! Loved them all, but two of my favorites were “I saw a black man grilling” and “A chicken ate Dave’s foot” 🙂

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