Missed my blogiversary again!

Well, it turns out I missed a big anniversary for my blog — again! August 14th marks 15 years of me blogging, which is pretty amazing considering this was really just going to be a minor thing that I experimented with when I started.

But blogging has really transformed my life. It introduced me to an entire community of science communicators, scientists, and gamers, many of whom have become good longtime friend. My blogging on horror led me to become an amateur scholar of horror fiction, writing introductions for Valancourt Books and reviews for the periodical Dead Reckonings. My science blogging led me to writing guest posts at Scientific American and articles for Optics and Photonics News, American Scientist, and La Recherche. And, of course, it has led to me writing popular science books, such as my often mentioned Falling Felines and Fundamental Physics and my upcoming Invisibility: the history and science of how not to be seen.

I definitely don’t blog as much as I used to, but I intend to keep writing about those subjects that interest me as long as I can! Here’s to another 15 years.

Me and Blake Stacey back at Science Online 2011, holding Riley Black’s first book.
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1 Response to Missed my blogiversary again!

  1. xi chen says:

    Congratulations, I learned about orbital angular momentum by reading your blog, and I have some new research

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