Raiders Invisible, by D.W. Hall

Four days until the official release of Invisibility: The History and Science of How Not to Be Seen! Here’s another reblog of a post about classic science fiction invisibility.

Skulls in the Stars

I am losing my mind.

So: in the process of tracking down Rousseau’s The Invisible Death a few days ago, I learned that there is another story about invisibility, with almost the exact same name, Invisible Death, that appeared in the same magazine, Astounding Stories of Super-Science, earlier in the same year but by a different author, Anthony Pelcher. Rousseau’s tale appeared in the October 1930 issue; Pelcher’s appeared in the January 1930 issue.

Let me describe what happened next using my tweets:

The story I’m referring to will appear in yet another upcoming post! But then, I got curious, and started browsing more issues of Astounding, and…

And I kept looking, and it just kept getting worse!

So, to recap: while researching one invisibility story, I managed to find four more!

The moral of the story is that I’m somehow even more behind in my blogging…

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