New blog post at Yale University Press!

With the book out, my endless advertising blitz has begun! Let me lead off with a blog post that I wrote for my publisher, Yale University Press: How Many Ways Can We Be Invisible? In the post, I talk about a bunch of different science fiction ways authors have attempted to explain invisibility, and how close they got! A short sample:

Invisibility—the ability to make something invisible to visible light—has long been assumed by science to be impossible. This changed in 2006, when two groups of researchers published back-to-back papers in the journal Nature demonstrating theoretically that invisibility is, at the very least, plausible.  Since then, there has been intensive research on a variety of different ways in which invisibility might be achieved. So far, a practical demonstration of true invisibility has remained elusive, and it is unclear when, if ever, it will be achieved.

With that in mind, maybe it is worthwhile to turn to science fiction for ideas. Long before it was science fact, invisibility was a regular topic of science fiction, and many famous authors imagined their own ideas of how invisibility might be achieved. There are many more invisibility stories than most people are aware of. We may not find the secret to being unseen in them, but these stories give a fascinating snapshot of the science of their time.

Please check it out!

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2 Responses to New blog post at Yale University Press!

  1. Bradley Steffens says:

    I see it’s #1 in Optics for physics books in Amazon tonight. Well done!

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