The Invisible Master, by Edmond Hamilton

Here’s another classic science fiction story about invisibility, to celebrate the release of my book on the science and history of Invisibility! This is the third invisibility story I’ve found by Hamilton, making him the most prolific invisibility writer I know of!

Skulls in the Stars

I keep finding new invisibility stories! Will I ever come to an end? Stay tuned!

It is pretty clear at this point that stories about invisibility were a huge business in the early to mid 20th century, and every author of science fiction or horror had to get in on the action in some way or another.

For example, I just had to type “Edmond Hamilton” and “invisibility” into a search bar and found Edmond Hamilton’s “The Invisible Master,” that appeared in Scientific Detective Monthly in the April, 1930 issue.

Complete image from the story taken from DarkWorlds Quarterly.

Edmond Hamilton (1904-1977) is another one of those super-prolific science fiction authors who had a huge influence on the field but isn’t broadly recognized like an Asimov, Bradbury or Clarke. I would be hard-pressed to single out a particular story of his that everyone would know, but I’m particularly fond…

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