Concert report: Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm

The girlfriend and I spent the weekend in Atlanta to catch Jonathan Coulton in concert.  The internet sensation responsible for Code Monkey and Re: Your Brains put on an excellent show, and even though the auditorium wasn’t filled, the audience was wild and enthusiastic.  My favorite part was Coulton using the audience to provide a ‘zombie chorus’ for Re: Your Brains, and I joined in as best (or, more accurately, worst) I could.

One of the most pleasant surprises of the show was the opening act: Paul and Storm.  This comedic musical duo warmed up the crowd with a collection of silly and very funny short tunes.  They also seemed completely undaunted that most of the audience had never heard of them before!  (Hopefully that will change.)

Coulton joined Paul and Storm for a song, and P & S joined Coulton for quite a few.

One of the interesting things about the concert was seeing the ‘Coulton demographic.’  It was a college and gamer crowd, and tons of people enthusiastically raised their hands when P & S asked how many people had a d20 in their pocket right now.  (The girlfriend had no clue what they were talking about.)  I felt flashbacks to both my undergraduate days and my RPG days at the show!

Just to prove I was actually at the concert, here’s a grainy, low-res cell phone pic I took of Coulton performing:

It’s either a shot of Jonathan Coulton, or that picture of Bigfoot I took a few years ago – I can’t tell with the picture quality.  I wasn’t planning to take a shot, but after dozens of others did, some with flashes, I figured – why not?  A little tip to would-be concert goers: if you’re going to be rude enough to take a picture of a performer during a concert, at least don’t blind him/her in the process…

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  1. Thanks honey for suggesting and orchestrating most of this trip. I had a great time at the concernt. Thanks for being patient while I shopped (and shopped, and shopped some more). Believe me, the clothes I bought will save you from me spending hours trying on umpteen different outfits and then being sad and weepy all night because, “nothing fits me”. And it was a great opportunity to test “The color of the day” slug bug rule. I believe that is now moved to the “official” status from the “contemplation” set.

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