Happy birthday to Christopher Walken!

One can hardly let March 31st go by without wishing iconic actor Christopher Walken a happy birthday! This quirky actor has played a number of offbeat roles, including a seemingly-insane drill sergeant in Biloxi Blues, a Bond villain in A View to a Kill, a dark angel in The Prophecy, an eccentric tyrant of a South American town in The Rundown and of course a head-chopper in Sleepy Hollow. He has also demonstrated a great talent for more serious parts, such as his academy-award winning role in The Deer Hunter, and an Oscar-nominated role in Catch Me If You Can. When needed, though, he can also be uproariously funny, as he demonstrated in Pulp Fiction and Wayne’s World 2 (indeed, he might have been the only funny thing in the latter film).

When I think of Christopher Walken, though, I will always think first and foremost of the role presented in video form below the fold:

I still remember the first time I saw Walken dancing in Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice video; I was watching a grainy UHF version on MTV2, and just kept staring at the blurry screen, asking: “Is that Christopher Walken?”

Anyway, happy 65th birthday to Christopher Walken!

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