A shout-out to Valancourt Books!

Have I mentioned how much I like Valancourt Books?  A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed their reprint of a rare Gothic classic, The Animated Skeleton, and even got a nice comment from the publisher/editor of Valancourt.  I vowed to look into more of Valancourt’s publications, but didn’t even realize that I already had!  In addition to publishing a line of classic Gothic literature, they’ve been printing classics of the 1890s, including a number of books by suspense/weird fiction writer Richard Marsh.  This is a real treat; as I’ve noted before in my discussion of Marsh’s book The Beetle, he was an extremely popular author of his time (even outselling Dracula for a while).  I’ve been looking into buying more of Marsh’s work, and had purchased Marsh’s The Joss: A Reversion and The Seen and the Unseen without realizing they were also Valancourt editions!

I’ll eventually get to commenting more on Marsh’s work on this blog, but I thought I’d mention that Valancourt is doing an excellent job reprinting these classic ‘lost’ works.  The book quality is excellent, and an added treat is that the covers are reproductions of the original editions.

Fans of classic horror, suspense, and mysteries would be well-advised to give these editions a look.  In addition, there’s currently a sale on a number of Valancourt’s titles, including some of Marsh’s work; check them out!

There were whispers on the message boards at Valancourt that they may produce a new edition of The Beetle, in which case I’ll be replacing my rather flimsy current copy…

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