Busy with my book…

If anyone’s noticed a slowdown in my blog output recently, the reasons are twofold: 1.  The beginning of the academic semester, and 2.  I’m finally trying to make progress on my textbook.  I will probably continue to post at a slower pace for a few weeks, but definitely won’t stop completely.

As a consolation, here’s a cute video I took the other day of two of our cats, Simon and Sabrina, getting acquainted with a new motorized water dish:

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4 Responses to Busy with my book…

  1. Babs67 aka the fiancee says:

    Thanks for posting that honey! I just watched it twice – it makes me smile. Our fur-kids are such goof balls.

  2. babs67: Glad to cheer you up!

  3. Redhead2001 says:

    How many grandcats do I have now?

  4. Redhead2001: You have four grandcats — and they all expect gifts when you visit!

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