Don’t vote! Reverse psychology at its finest

Via Americablog, I found this wonderful video which lays down the importance of voting… by having Hollywood-types encouraging you not to vote!  It’s nice to see a video which is entertaining and pointed simultaneously.  Posting this video is my way of passing along the message to ‘5 friends’:

P.S. I got my updated voter registration card in the mail yesterday, which prompted me to dance around, mocking the fiancée (whose new card has not yet arrived), “I get to vo-ote… you do not get to vote!”

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5 Responses to Don’t vote! Reverse psychology at its finest

  1. babs67 says:

    That is going on the list of grievances for sure…

  2. babs67 wrote: “That is going on the list of grievances for sure…”

    Oh, like I’m afraid of someone who doesn’t get to vote! 🙂

  3. Personal Demon says:

    While I was driving into work this morning I was listening to a slightly out-dated (last week) NPR podcast on swing states (this one being Florida). The reporter was talking about the Obama efforts to bring out the young vote and I was suddenly struck by a key problem with current polling practices: cell phones. Pollsters cannot call a cell phone unless they are explicitly given permission. I am not the first person to think about this, as I found a Pew study from 2006. That study dismissed the effect of neglecting cell phones in telephone surveys. I would contest that that study, now two years out of date, may be dead wrong. In 2006 about 8% of the US population had only a cell phone. I would not be surprised if that number has doubled. According to the Pew survey, cell-only voters lean significantly liberal (probably because they generally live in urban areas). As of today, the polls are showing Obama with a slight lead, but if all of those polls are neglecting 10% of the population, and that population tracks significantly for Obama… well, it will certainly make election day a bit more interesting.

  4. I’ve been of the impression lately that poll forecasting is a lot like weather forecasting: it works really well when it’s pretty obvious what’s going to happen, but really bad in unusual circumstances. There are a bunch of factors that make polling uncertain this year. The cellphone question is one of them, and I’ve seen different studies referenced which suggest that cellphone users do/do not have a significant impact! Another curious question is whether the existing polls have representative samples. D’s have had record voter registration drives, and have been out-registering R’s in pretty much every state, sometimes by astonishing margins. It’s not clear that the pollsters have adjusted for this, or if they even know how to properly adjust for this.

  5. Babs67 aka the fiancee says:

    PD – you are correct that a telemarketing call – for sales or surveys – cannot be made to a cell phone if the company is using autodialer technology. I’m sure that this ruling is skewing the population sample for these surveys.

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