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Foundation, by Isaac Asimov

It is a truly daunting task to try and write a blog post about an utterly unique and undisputed classic of literature like Isaac Asimov’s Foundation (1951). On the other hand, it is almost impossible to not write about such … Continue reading

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The tweet heard around the world: FAQ

Four days ago, a good friend of mine posted what I felt was an insightful comment on Facebook about the aftermath of the election that I thought was worth sharing.  They gave me permission to share it on twitter, under … Continue reading

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The Gun-Fight Before Christmas

Been busy at work and struggling to finish new science posts for the blog.  In the meantime, here’s some silliness that I did on twitter. So what does Christmas mean to you? Birth of the savior?  A day to strive for … Continue reading

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The GOP war on higher education: a running tally (updated)

My apologies that I continue to go on about Republican attacks on higher education, but it really has become clear now that this is a major goal of 2015 for the GOP: weaken and/or destroy public universities as much as possible. … Continue reading

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An open letter to NC State Senator Tom McInnis

Dear Senator McInnis, I recently read with some concern, first in The Daily Tarheel and then on Slate, about your proposed Senate bill 593, ironically titled “An act to improve the quality of instruction at the constituent 3 institutions of the University of North Carolina.”  This … Continue reading

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John Derbyshire: wrong even 176 years ago

Update:  Added a couple sentences to clarify that I’m not attacking psychology or psychometrics, but rather the simple-minded attempts distort these fields to justify racism.  Also revised my statements about Derbyshire’s particular claims, to be more explicit about the flaws … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the recent tenure-related shooting

In the wake of the tragedy in Alabama, there has as expected been a lot of discussion on the internet about the nature of the shooting and its implications.  In some sense, my impression is that the case has become … Continue reading

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Captain America has a tradition of social commentary

If you haven’t seen it yet, the most recent issue of the Marvel Comics series  Captain America has drawn the ire of teabaggers because of its negative portrayal of them.  Via Yahoo news, Since 1941, Captain America has been one … Continue reading

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Benjamin Franklin’s words on the Constitution

On Tuesday night, almost on the eve of a historic Senate vote on expanding health care coverage for Americans, hundreds of people congregated outside of Joe Lieberman’s Connecticut house in a candlelight vigil to advocate for healthcare reform. The vigil, … Continue reading

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The Linkin’ Log, video edition: October 8, 2009

Over the past couple of weeks, a few videos caught my eye, for various reasons.  I thought that it was a good time for a collection of links: Via Steven Benen at Political Animal, a video has been found which … Continue reading

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