Wonderful views of Earth From Above

Boston.com has a wonderful collection of images from the Earth From Above exhibit, which has been put on display in various cities since 1994 and is coming to NYC.  To quote the official website,

Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s mission was to create a photographic record of the natural world at the start of a new millennium. The collection of 160 images takes viewers off the ground and into the air to witness a bird’s-eye view of the extraordinary patterns and colours created in landscapes all over the world. Some are the result of human activity – farming, industry or habitation. Others are entirely sculpted by nature itself. None of these images could be seen or even imagined if you were standing on the ground.

I got a chance to see one incarnation of this (outdoor) exhibit while I was living in Amsterdam.  It was put on display outside the “Stopera” (combination city hall/opera house), and I wandered through many times.  More pics can be seen at Bertrand’s website, and they are informative as well as awe-inspiring.

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