Letchworth State Park: The panoramas

I mentioned in my post on Letchworth that I had a bunch of panorama photos to put together when I got home, and I’ve done so!  They’re posted below…

Here’s a shot looking over the middle falls from the side:

From a little further downstream, one gets a very nice view of the falls:

From the very edge of the middle falls, one has an excellent view of the fall colors:

This is the more or less complete picture of the Glen Iris Inn, where we had lunch:

A short walk up river takes one to the upper falls:

There’s nothing like a panorama to capture the magnificence of a landscape like the great bend.  Unfortunately, my crappy camera has significant issues with light, but it doesn’t hurt the majesty of the view:

The tea table overlook is an equally impressive vantage point:

Finally, here is my pièce de résistance, a six-photograph view of the middle falls:

The haziness in the photo isn’t, for once, due to my camera, but rather due to the extremely dense mist rising from the falls.

I highly recommend playing around with making panoramas; it is a great way to get a more ‘natural’ view of beautiful scenery, and a view which does proper justice to the reality.  Excellent and relatively inexpensive photo-stitching software exists; I use PtGui (which I learned about a year ago from Americablog), which works magnificently and costs about $100.

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