100k page view milestone!

I passed another blogging milestone several days ago — 100,000 total page views!   The funny thing:  on the 13th, I was still at 84,000.  Then someone put my “Spot the math errors!” post on StumbleUpon (thanks for that, whoever did it!), and I made up the difference within 24 hours.  Think about it: 16% of my total page views for a year and a half of blogging came from one day.  As of this post, I now have 129,000 views.

The internets sure are weird.

Of course, now the plot of my daily blog stats will be totally useless, until next month:


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5 Responses to 100k page view milestone!

  1. Congratulations! I now have serious blog-envy. That’s fine, though… I’m working my way through the blog deadly sins. (Stay out of my way when blog-lust comes up!)

  2. Babs67 aka the fiancee says:

    Congratulations Honey – I know you’ve worked hard on your posts.

  3. Matty says:

    Congrats dude! you deserve it. I discovered your blog with the math errors thing and like it a log 😀

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