Announcing the usual holiday slowdown…

Tomorrow, I head off into the great abyss… visiting relatives for the holidays! (Just kidding, everyone!)  I’m going to try and post a few things of substance while I’m away, but I’m sure I’ll get less done than I expect.

Bear with me, though; in the works are posts on:

  • Some detailed looks at Michael Faraday’s uber-cool work on electricity and magnetism, from the mid-1800s,
  • A discussion of optical caustics and ‘natural focusing’,
  • A survey of a bunch of horror fiction relating to the apocalypse (damn, there’s a lot of those),
  • A discussion/review of books by people I know,
  • and a return to my posts on relativity!

By the way, I noted that my blog stats had passed the 100k mark a couple of days ago thanks to StumbleUpon.  Now that same math post was picked up by what appears to be the Polish version of StumbleUpon, and I just passed 160k page views!  Many thanks to all who stopped by for a read!

Oh, and Merry Christmas and a Happy Monkey!

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