Dick Van Dyke: Still cool

I’ve been a big fan of Dick Van Dyke for a long time, and it’s great to see that he’s still active and in the news!  CNN has a nice interview with him in which he reminisces about making Mary Poppins — and the hard time he has gotten ever since for his Cockney accent in the film.

If you want evidence that Van Dyke is still totally cool, though, you should watch Night at the Museum.  Well, actually, just watch the credits. There’s a scene where Van Dyke dances, and he had better moves at 81 than most of us have at 21!

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4 Responses to Dick Van Dyke: Still cool

  1. Vies says:

    I LOVE DICK!!!

  2. Vies: I’ll assume you mean that in the most innocent manner possible!

  3. Christopher Wallace says:

    CNN: Is it nice that so much of your work has had longevity?

    Van Dyke: I just lucked into working with geniuses like [“Van Dyke Show” creator] Carl Reiner and Walt. I just lucked out.

    No, Mr. Van Dyke. They lucked out, sort of. Your talent was obvious. Your genius was waiting to be revealed. Your warmth and craft was legendary. But most important, you were “genuine”. Every part you played, from Rob Petrie to Doctor Mark Sloan was so amazingly real to me that I often lost the television metaphor. Watching you was quite literally like spending time with an old friend.

    What ever trials and tribulations you may have experienced in your person a life, your portrayals always feel like the viewer is there and interacting with you. It is a rare talent. You are always kind to that visitor on the other side of the screen. And it is wonderful. I learned to be a Dad and a man from watching you and it made me gentler towards my daughters and more decent.

    If I can say nothing else, you ARE more then an “Albert Schweitzer” to me. Thank you.

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