E is for Edward, who birthday was today…

Via The Greenbelt, I see that today was the birthday of macabre artist Edward Gorey (1925-2000), who produced such bizarre and twisted classics such as The Gashlycrumb Tinies and The Curious Sofa.  It is an interesting coincidence since I just referred to Gorey only a few days ago in relation to the upcoming horror game The Path.

To celebrate, The Greenbelt points us to a wonderful little short online quiz: What will be your Edward Gorey death, in which you can determine what sort of Gashlycrumb Tinies fate is most fitting for you!

I got Xerxes:


“You will be devoured by mice. You are so shy and always off alone in the corner. No one knows you are there except for the blood thirsty rodents.”

Doesn’t really seem to fit my personality, but who am I to argue with an online quiz?

P.S.  My apologies to Blake if this reopens old wounds

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9 Responses to E is for Edward, who birthday was today…

  1. Blake Stacey says:

    To paraphrase Hobbes, I wonder what people knew before there were online quizzes.

    (I’m Xerxes too.)

  2. The Fiancee says:

    Oh dear. This confirms everything you’ve ever said about me…(although on the bright side, “everyone loves me”.

  3. The Fiancee says:

    ARGH – stupid HTML!!!! Copy/paste did not work!!! (throwing fit right now)

    “S is for Susan who perished of fits”

    You will perish of fits. You are used to getting your own way. Everyone loves you. You will die because someone didn’t give you everything you want. Get over yourself or this will be your fate.

  4. The Fiancee says:

    I just don’t feel right unless I’ve thrown at least one fit per day…

  5. Curtisrob says:


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