Dollhouse survives to season 2!

Tonight the wife and I finally got around to watching the season finale of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, which we had DVR’ed while out on the honeymoon.  It was actually a quite nice episode, and introduced a few nice twists I hadn’t expected and began to take the show into an entirely new direction.  Would we get more?  I wasn’t hopeful, as Dollhouse had absolutely miserable ratings, largely in part due to FOX putting it on Friday.

But, turning to IMDB, lo and behold!  Dollhouse will be back for a second season.  Apparently non-traditional viewing, such as Tivo and online viewing, was much stronger than the traditional ratings suggest.

This gives me some hope that the show which preceded it, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, might be renewed as well.

What is it with FOX and the cancellation of good shows?  Of course, there’s Firefly, which was killed well before it deserved to be, and Family Guy, which had to be resuscitated several times after premature axing.  I personally will never forget, or quite forgive, FOX for putting Futurama on at 7 pm on Saturdays during its original run — which meant that 50% of the time it got pre-empted by NFL games.   Here’s hoping that Dollhouse and TSCC don’t suffer similar ill-treatment…

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8 Responses to Dollhouse survives to season 2!

  1. Blake Stacey says:

    I’ve yet to find myself truly enjoying Family Guy. No doubt this belongs in the ever-growing evidence file which the pundits will use to smear me as an Elitist, along with my writing blog posts in Latin or mock Shakespearean, and that my favourite beer is Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. (I mean, putting chocolate in beer? What’s next, a dissertation on the subversion of heteronormativity in Cabaret?) But it has to be said: a show with a talking dog who fakes getting religion in order to buy booze in an episode whose B-story features the cast of Star Trek TNG, up to and including Patrick Stewart declaring “I have girl boobs!” — and the episode still wasn’t funny? How do you $#%$% that up?

    (Obligatory TV Tropes link.)

    • Blake: I’m not actually a huge fan of Family Guy myself, and don’t regularly watch it, though it does make me laugh pretty hard sometimes. It is a good example, though, of a show that has been of enduring popularity that was prematurely canceled by FOX.

      Oh, and I already knew you were an elitist! 🙂

  2. Mary says:

    Did you watch “Jericho” I wonder? My husband and I did, and though we were perpetually disgusted with it for pulling all of its punches (an apocalypse story where hardly anyone dies, or even goes hungry? Where everyone still drives cars and the electricity still works?) we signed an online petition to bring it back after its cliff-hanger cancellation. We were shocked when it actually *was* brought back, if only briefly. Now we are worried that we wasted our one television miracle on Jericho, when we really need it for Terminator…

    We are badly behind on Dollhouse, since we more or less stopped watching television at the beginning of April, when I was busy finishing up my PhD, getting a job, and moving up here… But we are catching up on one show at a time via DVR and the internet. I think my expectations for the show were far too high, but I still have hopes, and I am glad it was renewed.

    • Mary: I never watched Jericho, and have never really heard much about it, though it definitely sounds interesting. Hopefully, Dollhouse seems to suggest that TV ‘miracles’ are becoming more common, especially with an increasing proportion of audience members watching in unconventional ways.

      Dollhouse is definitely a show that’s an acquired taste, and people seem to either like it a lot or hate it. For me, I think I appreciate that Whedon is trying to make a show that is intentionally a bit unpleasant and even critical of the conventional television tropes that audience members have come to expect. It reminds me of something my friend Personal Demon said about the movie Fight Club; to paraphrase: “The first time I saw the film, I REALLY hated it. Then I realized that I didn’t completely understand WHY I hated it. I ended up watching it many times to understand, and ended up loving it.”

      How’s the new job, BTW?

  3. Mary says:

    I loved Fight Club the first time, but then, I do have a bit of a crush on Edward Norton…

    The new job is great. I’m a little disappointed that going into industry didn’t spare me from the perpetual grant-chase (DARPA is seen as one of our “customers” and our we find ourselves competing against universities and national labs for funding, which is tough) but the people are incredibly friendly and the work is very interesting.

  4. I might have to check out Dollhouse… I’m in Australia and I don’t think it’s aired out here yet. Loved Firefly, although that never was actually on the air here, at least, not at any normal time, but I’ve watched the whole series on DVD a couple of times. Can’t believe they axed it, the bastards, Serenity so didn’t make up for all the wasted storyline opportunities, and it was so Hollywood and argh!!!

    Family Guy also totally rocks, always funny (specially season 3 – 5, it’s got a bit old now). Fight Club is cool too, but I think I’d have to agree with Mary and say it’s just because I’ve got a bit of a crush on Edward Norton. So good. I’m watching The Score tonight because it’s got him in it. Should be good!

  5. ecoli says:

    I just started watching Dollhouse (I’m a big Firefly fan) I’m pleasantly surprised so far.

    Have you been watching Castle as well?

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