Cloud pareidolia of the day

On the way home from work the other day, I spotted the following cloud in the sky:


So what does it look like to you?

This is what I saw:


Medusa with a bow! I see snake hair and a serpent’s body, and even an arm outstretched, presumably to shoot an arrow.

Clearly there’s  something not quite right about me.

I have decided that the cloud was not pareidolia but rather a sign from above.  I’m planning to found a new church dedicated to the worship of Ray Harryhausen

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8 Responses to Cloud pareidolia of the day

  1. catnapping says:

    I see a dog with a raygun hurtling over those trees. (front knee bent)

  2. catnapping says:

    uh…that is, hurdling.

  3. stuwat says:

    I see one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The end is nigh…

  4. The Wife says:

    I see someone leaping across the sky.

  5. IronMonkey says:

    Let me guess… you took the photo with your iPhone.

    • IM: Um, am I in trouble if I answer yes? 🙂

      • IronMonkey says:

        Only if you live in the province I am where hand-held use of cell phones are banned in cars 😉 I am just a bit surprised by the quality of the shot for a dark and moving scene. If your iPhone is a 3GS maybe that would explain in part the better “picture” compared to what I expect from my 3G “S-less”…

      • IM: Yep, I have an iPhone 3GS. In my state we’re still allowed the use of cell phones in cars, though not necessarily for picture taking…

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