ResearchBlogging editor’s selections: galaxy zoos, freaky statistics, and crayon wildlife conservation

  • Galaxy Zoo 2. One of the most fascinating and exciting consequences of the internet is the advent of large “citizen scientist” collaborations. Alexander at The Astronomist discusses Galaxy Zoo, one of the most successful of these, the now active Galaxy Zoo 2 and other scientific “zoos”.
  • Benford’s Mathemagical Law. Benford’s law is one of those fascinating results of mathematics that could be said to be, “well-known to those who know it well.” It describes how even seemingly random sets of data can show very counterintuitive structure. Daniel at Ingenious Monkey discusses Benford’s law and its origins.
  • Crayons Indicate Children’s Lack of Rainforest Biodiversity Perception. Children are our future, and the future of ecological conservation movements, but how well do they understand the importance of different species in rainforest ecosystems? Scott at JournOwl describes a great way to find out — with crayon drawings!

Check back next Monday for more miscellaneous highlights!

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