Yay! More Richard Marsh available!

Another book by the awesome Richard Marsh has been released by Valancourt!  You can purchase A Spoiler of Men (1905) through Amazon.  I’m a big fan of Marsh’s work, and have read a lot of things reprinted by Valancourt — The Beetle, The Joss, Curios, and Philip Bennion’s Death — as well as a lot that can only be read so far on Google books — The Goddess: A Demon, The Magnetic Girl, A Metamorphosis.  I’ve enjoyed every one of his books so far, and from the blurb of A Spoiler of Men, I’m guessing that I’m going to like it too:

First published in 1905, A Spoiler of Men is, as Johan Höglund writes in his introduction, a roller coaster ride that blends horror, crime, and humour, and will keep readers guessing until its surprising conclusion. It is also, Höglund argues, quite possibly the first occurrence of zombies in English fiction. This new edition, the first since the 1920s, features the unabridged text of the first edition, a new introduction and notes, and a reproduction of the cover of the Victorian “shilling shocker” edition.

I’ve ordered my copy… I’ll review it soon!

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