Valancourt’s definitive edition of Marsh’s “The Beetle” released!

I just received in the mail the other day my copy of Valancourt Books’ edition of Richard Marsh’s The Beetle: A Mystery.  The Valancourt edition is the definitive edition for the collector, with an introduction by Richard Marsh scholar Minna Vuohelainen and detailed notes putting the novel in its proper historical and literary context.  As with other Valancourt Marsh books, it also reproduces the original cover art:

It’s quite a lovely volume!  To celebrate the release, I’ll be posting over the next week about other works of Richard Marsh that I’ve been reading.

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4 Responses to Valancourt’s definitive edition of Marsh’s “The Beetle” released!

  1. Terrific cover although I haven’t read the book yet. But I’ve liked what you’ve recommended so far! I’ve always been a Sheridan LeFanu fan, and it’s nice to see someone else who cares about unjustly ignored classic authors.

  2. Gah! Those folks at Amazon must work quickly. Even I haven’t seen a copy of it yet. Hope you’re enjoying it!

  3. Jennifer: Glad you’ve liked my recommendations; I wasn’t sure that anyone was following them! It’s funny you mention LeFanu, because coincidentally I was planning to go reread a bunch of his work.

    James: I am enjoying it; thanks! It’s a lovely volume, and matches well with the other Marsh editions on my shelf.

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