Roald Dahl, sex spy?

This is entertaining.  Roald Dahl, famous author of children’s stories such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and nasty little shockers such as Man From the South, was apparently a spy for the British government during World War II.  His job?  He was part of a group tasked with getting U.S. involvement in the war, and his role was gathering intelligence from wealthy women.

This is not necessarily surprising, in hindsight; Dahl wrote a number of very randy stories, including a very nasty one called The Visitor, about a playboy named Oswald Cornelius who has one sexual adventure too many.  Dahl’s stories contain a significant amount of cynicism, which one might expect from a man whose task was to exploit women romantically and sexually for information.

I wrote a ‘horror masters’ post on Dahl some time ago, and it can be found here.  This is the second surprise spy revelation within a month; thank goodness Julia Child was apparently tasked with a different sort of information gathering.

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