Slender loris at the Duke Lemur Center

ScienceOnline 2010 had a variety of “lab tours” to attend on Friday afternoon.  With all the options available, I chose to return to the Duke Lemur Center that I visited last year!  I wanted to show my wife the lemurs, and I simply wanted to seem them again myself!

Winter is not the best time to see the lemurs, because the staff construct an additional winter shelter around the enclosures and keep the lemurs indoors.  However, the nocturnal house never changes, and I managed to get a decent video of the movement of the slender loris:

The slender loris comes from the rainforests of southern India and Sri Lanka.  Though they are not classified as lemurs, they are prosimians like lemurs.  Sadly, like lemurs, they are quite endangered.

I love the almost unearthly way they move through the branches; the slender loris would make a good model for a creepy alien monster!

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