A new optics blog: Internal Reflections

There’s a new optics-related blog out there!  A friend and colleague sent me notice that the company he works for, ASE Optics, has started its own blog, called Internal Reflections.  Quoting their “about” page,

This blog is a place to share our thoughts on the science and the business of optical engineering.

As it stands, they’ve only just begun, but already have a nice short post on “Productive Stupidity” or “Failure Is the Only Way to Win the Nobel Prize”.

I’m normally a little hesitant to follow industry blogs, but I know the folks at ASE Optics and expect to see some interesting stuff from them in the future.

(Note: For the conspiratorial-minded, I received no compensation for this post, other than Damon’s promise to contribute to The Giant’s Shoulders!  I will hold him to that.)

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1 Response to A new optics blog: Internal Reflections

  1. aseoptics says:

    Thanks for the plug, Dr. SkySkull!

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