10 days until The Giant’s Shoulders #22!

This is your monthly reminder that there’s 10 days left until the deadline for The Giant’s Shoulders #22!  It will be hosted by The Lay Scientist.  Entries can be submitted through blogcarnival.com or directly to the host blog, as usual!

Let me follow up again by saying we still desperately need hosts to fill in over the next few months; if you’re interested in hosting, please leave a comment or send me an email.  You don’t have to be a historian of science to host — just someone with a passion for science and its roots.

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5 Responses to 10 days until The Giant’s Shoulders #22!

  1. kevin z says:

    I can host on Deep Sea News

  2. kevin z says:

    Sure, should it go up on May 15th?

  3. Markk says:

    Cool! Why did William Beebe pop into my head suddenly? Oh well Hosting on DSN doesn’t mean stories about the Challenger expedition of course.

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