ResearchBlogging editor’s selections: Ocean conveyors, UV paleontology, science and “truth”, and scientific misconduct

  • Ocean Conveyor running AMOC. Life on our planet owes a lot to the global ocean currents, but there is concern that global warming may shut this current down.  Is there any indication this is happening yet?  Alistair at Deep Type Flow discusses the theory and the evidence.
  • UV, You See? Black Light Reveals Secrets in Fossils. GrrlScientist at Living the Scientific Life talks about an underutilized technique in paleontology — using UV light to study fossils — and the awesome scientific dividends it has already paid.
  • Climate change and philosophy of science: Does climate science aim at truth? There was a recent tiff in The Guardian, in the context of climate science, about the question of whether science aims at “truth”.  Michael at Good, Bad and Bogus does a great job of dissecting the arguments.
  • What causes scientific misconduct? We know that scientists are tempted to “cheat” at their work much too often, but why?  Janet at Adventures in Ethics and Science looks at research relating to the motivations of those who have been caught as such misconduct.

Check back next Monday for more “miscellaneous” highlights!

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