ResearchBlogging editor’s selections: scale in oceanography, majestic Megatherium, strange atlatls and virtual slaps

  • Varieties of Oceanographic Experience. Sam at Oceanographer’s Choice looks at a classic paper that considers how the scale of a measurement influences — or distorts — the results.
  • The majestic Megatherium. When people think of paleontology these days, they think of dinosaurs; however, this wasn’t always the case.  Brian at Laelaps looks at the original “great beast” of the public’s imagination, Megatherium, and how perceptions of it have changed throughout the years since its discovery.
  • Atlatls to Bows: A Very Strange Atlatl from California. Continuing a fascinating series on the history of atlatls in the New World, teofilo at Gambler’s House looks at an unusual specimen that was acquired in California and the implications of the find.  (Don’t know what an atlatl is?  Read the introductory post by teofilo here.)
  • A virtual slap in the face (isn’t there an iPhone app for that?) Finally, NeuroKüz discusses recent research that highlights how real a virtual body in a first-person simulation can feel — through the experience of a virtual slap!

Check back next week for more miscellaneous selections!

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