We’ve moved… to Scientopia!


And now, for some big news — this blog is moving!  Skulls in the Stars is relocating to be a part of a new blog collective, Scientopia.org!

This collective consists of a number of ex-Sciencebloggers and a number of independent bloggers, like myself, who were interested in joining a larger community that were bound together by a love of science and science outreach and wanting complete editorial control over their content.

Sometime this week, I’ll try to point my domain name at the new site, which means that there should be a relatively smooth transition (my posts here should also be imported to the new site sometime this week).

In the meantime, here is the direct link to my new Skulls in the Stars blog.

Update: Since I’m not checking here as often, I’ve set it so comments require admin (my) approval before posting.

Update 2: In light of recent server troubles at Scientopia, I’ve decided for the moment to dual post everything to this site, so that people can find it!


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6 Responses to We’ve moved… to Scientopia!

  1. Olivier says:

    I am quite baffled by this. I don’t see a category on Scientopia that would be appropriate for your horror book reviews. Are you going to stop and focus on science exclusively?

  2. Olivier says:

    How will we find them, then? Also, that does not detract from the fact that your blog, which is about 30% horror/sf/etc book reviews and whose very name is redolent of that, does not really belong on Scientopia. Perhaps you should consider splitting it?

    • I’d rather not split it up, as it will make things a little too confusing for me to keep track of! Once I get more settled at Scientopia, I’ll be importing all my categories (and old posts) to my new blog, and horror posts will be readily found through the usual “horror”, et al. categories on my blog page. You’ll be able to find them just fine! They just won’t be part of Scientopia’s main page.

      does not really belong on Scientopia.

      I might have wondered that myself, but I was invited to Scientopia, so apparently they consider my science content to be enough!

    • Incidentally, did you see that I have a specific blog domain for the new “Skulls in the Stars”? You can read my posts on my specific blog page, and not just on the front page of Scientopia. I’ve revised the bottom of the post to make this clearer.

  3. Olivier says:

    You were invited? OK, hard to argue with that: no point being more royalist than the king. I don’t “get” these blogging collectives but maybe that’s just me.

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