Weird science facts, April 6 — April 12

Here are the previous week’s Twitter #weirdscifacts!

389. Apr 06: Wasps airlift competitor ants away from food source. (h/t @katewong @BoraZ)

390. Apr 07: Actual medical condition: “The Jumping Frenchman of Maine Disorder“.

391. Apr 08: Common wombats have *cube-shaped* poo! As @scimomof2 noted, this fact makes a great conversation starter!

392. Apr 09: What’s the biggest bird you’ve seen? A species of extinct moa *stood* 12 ft high! The moa were flightless birds that lived only in New Zealand.   They likely disappeared within the last thousand years,  hunted to extinction by newly-arrived Māori settlers.

393. Apr 10: 1995: David Hahn tried to build a nuclear reactor in his shed for a boyscout badge. The backyard became a Superfund cleanup site, due to the mass of radioactive substances.  h/t @lockwooddewitt!

394. Apr 11: 1783: a lawsuit in the French city of Arras concerned neighbors demanding the removal of a lightning rod! The neighbors of the rod owner were concerned that it was improperly installed, and would actually increase the danger to their homes; apparently stories of “malfunctioning” lightning rods were common in the years immediately following its introduction.  The defense lawyer for the lightning rod owner was none other than Robespierre, who would be a main driving force of the Reign of Terror in the French Revolution.

395. Apr 12:  Headline:”Sex with wife leads to scientific breakthrough“. via  @stevesilberman!

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