The Giant’s Shoulders #34: The Existentialist Edition!

It’s a little delayed due to illness, but The Giant’s Shoulders #34 is out!  It is an Existentialist Edition, with an emphasis on the meaning and future of the history of science, though it also includes plenty more!

A great thanks to Jai Virdi, who managed to get a great carnival posted in spite of being pretty much incapacitated with illness.  I hope she gets well soon!

The next edition will be hosted on the 16th of May by Fëanor at  Jost a mon — entries can be submitted through or directly to the host blog, as usual.

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2 Responses to The Giant’s Shoulders #34: The Existentialist Edition!

  1. mikemonaco says:

    Dear sir or madman,

    This email is meant to notify you that you have been granted the highly dubious honor of being awarded a STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD by myself. Congratulations, I guess. Please don’t mess this up by posting kitten pics. 🙂


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