Foster kittens in the house!

While I’m working on my next physics/optics blog post (I keep taking on challenging topics that require lots of research), I thought I’d share some pictures of our newest houseguests: momma kitty Snuggles and her five newborn baby kittens!  Here she is nursing the brood:

The kittens were born on Saturday, April 9, and we got them on the 12th.  We’re fostering them on behalf of rescue group F.U.R.R., with whom we’ve fostered before (and are still fostering Mango & Mandarin).

They are incredibly tiny, and only one so far has even opened his/her eyes!  Pictures below the fold…

First, a couple of pictures of the kittens on the day they arrived — 3 days old!  The brood includes a tiny tabby,

and also a tiny grey and white kitten:

A day after we got the momma and babies all situated in a box in a spare bedroom, I came home after work to find the box empty!  Snuggles didn’t like the positioning of the box and took all the babies, one at a time, under the bed in the room.  That wouldn’t do, because we need to be able to check on the health of the kittens, so Terry from F.U.R.R. came by to help us move them to a room more to Snuggles’ liking.  Once settled, I was able to get a nice shot of all five kittens sleeping, on their 1-week birthday:

Would you like to see some individual pictures?  At 8 days, we got some nice pics of each!

The grey striped kitty is the only one with eyes opened as yet:

The tabby is simply adorable:

The white and grey kitty:

The black and white kitten is the one most likely to look like momma kitten:

Finally, we have the light grey kitty:

The kittens already seem to be developing their own personalities: some are much more restless than others, and some complain much more than others!  It will be interesting to see if their “initial” personalities stay with them as they grow older.

We’re going to be fostering the kittens and momma for some 8 weeks; I’ll post updates with their progress as they grow up!

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8 Responses to Foster kittens in the house!

  1. Karen says:

    Soo cute! And thank you for helping out a mama kitty in need.

  2. Lynn Wilhelm says:

    I once took in a cat who turned out to be pregnant. (Will always get them spayed before bringing them home!) The mother was very relaxed in my house, full of my cats and a dog, and had them right under the kitchen table. Those kittens were more fun to watch than TV at the time. Not too many foster programs then, so it took a long time to find those boys homes. (Long haired, calico mom, 5 boys; 2 tabbies, two van colored, and one black and white spotted–a really cool brood.) I ended up keeping three of them.

  3. Ceci & Cassie says:

    Hi Uncle Greg,
    Your kittens are sooo adorable!
    Ceci loves the tabby cat & Cassie loves the black & white cat.

  4. sasha11515 says:

    Thank you for sending me pics of kitties. They are so adorable!! You are right – the hardest part of fostering if giving them up. On behalf of FURR, also wanted to thank you for all the help you have given us. It is deeply appreciated.
    Rhonda Price
    Vice President – FURR
    Feline Urgent Rescue and Rehab

  5. Rayne says:

    We had a stray adopt us and give birth under our rosebush May 5, and momma and kittens look almost identical to the group here! We have momma and the kittens inside now (I’ve donated my bathroom to be the cattery for the time being), and just got them all checked up at the vet. I look forward to following along as you foster!

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