A David Brooks meme update!

A couple of weeks ago, I described my participation in a very silly internet meme about conservative pundit David Brooks.  In short: Joshua Green, senior editor at The Atlantic, saw the following picture of excited telephoning Brooks and thought it was worth some photo-manipulation:

I joined in the fun, as you can see in the previous post!  There are two amusing updates to the story, however, that I had to share!

First: Joshua contacted me recently to do another Brooks photoshop job!  After Brooks trashed Palin on the day of her visit to a motorcycle rally, it seemed like a fun picture to use to complement a sarcastic blog post on the subject.  My picture is below, and can be seen in its place on The Atlantic as well:

It’s especially funny that I’m not a particularly skilled Photoshopper! Though I’ve played around a little bit with the program on and off for a few years, things only really started to click when I first played around with the Brooks meme! I guess I’m a good software learner…

If that wasn’t entertaining enough, get this — Brooks was shown the meme inspired by him!  You can watch his reaction yourself at the link above, or check the embedded video at the 3 minute, 30 second mark:

He’s shown a variety of Brooks meme pics, and the last one happens to be my Dr. Strangelove:

If nothing else, this whole experience has shown what strange opportunities for entertainment the internet can provide!

Okay, back to serious science and weird fiction posts…

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