Weird science facts, June 8 — June 14

Here are the week’s Twitter #weirdscifacts!

452. June 08: The cookiecutter shark — it gouges round plugs from its prey like, well, a cookiecutter!

453. June 09: Cotard’s syndrome: strangely, some folks believed they were zombies even b4 “Night of the Living Dead”.

454. June 10: Polar explorer Charles Francis Hall died on a North Pole expedition — poisoned by his crew.

455. June 11: Bagheera kiplingi — the only vegetarian spider known, out of 40k spider species!  (h/t @edyong209)

456. June 12: Record 8.6 km balloon trip in 1875 by chemist Gaston Tissandier left him deaf and his 2 companions dead.

457. June 13: Microlaser made of a living cell!  (h/t @jbhathaw @sciencecomedian)

458. June 14: The underwater diving-bell spider, which actually uses its webs as gills!  (h/t @discoveryplace)

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