Weird science facts, June 22 — June 28

Things have been quiet on the blog this past week — I’ve been traveling and planning a couple of big, tricky posts!  In the meantime, here are the Twitter #weirdscifacts for the past week.

466. June 22: A fungus named after SpongeBob? New species can end up with relatively unusual, even unfortunate names; in a previous post, we noted the beetle named after Hitler! (Interview & article by @ejwillingham)

467. June 23: The thorny devil lizard gets water that condenses on its body to its mouth by grooves on its skin.

468. June 24: Tiger sharks gather in June at French Frigate Shoals to eat… birds! 

469. June 25: Smokey the cat, who can purr as loud as a lawnmower & is Guinness record-holder! 

470. June 26: Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome: illness due to chronic pot use & alleviated w/ a shower? 

471. June 27: 2005: A lost Roman emperor is rediscovered w/ unearthing of a single coin.  It is rather surprising that an entire emperor can be lost!  The unearthing of the first coin led researchers to take a look at a second matching coin that previously had been considered a fake. (h/t to @anthinpractice!)

472. June 28: 82 percent of those killed by lightning between ’95 and ’08 were men.  (h/t @stevesilberman)

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