“FOX fails physics: flaunts fool fumbling facts” on JAYFK!

I don’t do much political blogging anymore, but every now and again something incredibly stupid — and science related — really sticks in my craw and I feel compelled to rant about it.  In this case, FOX News interviewed a global warming “skeptic” who so badly blundered the laws of chemistry and physics that it should permanently remove any lingering credibility the “news” network has.

This was perfect fodder for the Journal of Are You Fucking Kidding, and so I posted my takedown of FOX’s follies there.  Check it out!

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4 Responses to “FOX fails physics: flaunts fool fumbling facts” on JAYFK!

  1. Damn Son, they must have stirred you up good! (You didn’t use a PG-13 substitute for the word fuck.)

  2. IronMonkey says:

    That FOX news piece is a complete, deliberate act of misinformation motivated not by truth; but by a clear agenda. This is unfortunate, but articles and post like yours that clear this up and explain the facts as they are (as most objectively as possible) are essential for society as a whole. So thank you for that! Dumbing people down will lead us nowhere. By the way, did FOX news put that piece during peak watching hours ? I suspect not; I couldn’t imagine they would have the balls to do that.

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