Weird science facts, August 10 — August 16

Yet another week of Twitter #weirdscifacts!  Have a healthy amount of weird creatures at the end of this week’s list.

515. Aug 10: Werewolves do exist! Sort of. The very odd medical condition hypertrichosis

516. Aug 11: A successful treatment for leukemia — created from a modified HIV virus?  (h/t @lousycanuck)

517. Aug 12: In 1930, psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich believed in orgone, and through it that sex could control the weather.  Albert Einstein even agreed to inspect Reich’s orgone research, and politely said that it was “inconclusive”.

518. Aug 13: Codariocalyx motorius, the world’s fastest plant — its leaf motion can be seen w/ naked eye! Of course, “fast” for a plant is relatively slow for us; check out a video here.

519. Aug 14: The ironclad beetle — so good at playing dead they’ve been adorned & sold as living jewelry! U.S. customs intercepted one such adorned beetle at the border in January 2010.

520. Aug 15: Cymothoa exigua, the parasite that replaces a fish’s tongue.  This is the only known case of a parasite functionally replacing an organ of the host.

521. Aug 16: The Harlequin filefish, the fish that pretends to be coral!  (h/t @kzelnio)

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2 Responses to Weird science facts, August 10 — August 16

  1. jrdsnd says:

    Would not kudzu be considered a faster plant since a vine can grow 18″ in a day. That is a little more than an inch for a daylight hours.

    • I guess it depends on whether you count growth as “moving”! And kudzu is beaten out by giant bladder kelp, which can grow up to 2 ft per day!

      Of course, that’s the problem with a lot of biggest/fastest claims, is that it depends on what exactly you mean by the term! 😉

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