Weird science facts, November 9 — November 15

Another week’s Twitter #weirdscifacts are ready!!!  I’ve included a “bonus” fact this week, since it was too weird to not tweet right away…

606. Nov 09: A foot-long cockroach-like creature with 50 legs ruled the sea floor 500 million years ago.  Life takes on, and has taken on, many bizarre forms.  (Via @mocost)

607. Nov 10: Be afraid: the snakehead fish, an invasive species, can survive out of water for 4 days! 

608. Nov 11: In 1818, doctor chemist Andrew Ure performed electrical expts on an executed murderer that terrified the audience…and one gentleman fainted!  This isn’t the first “corpse electrifier” we’ve seen in #weirdscifacts — a little over a decade earlier, Giovanni Aldini horrified audiences in a similar way.

609. Nov 12: Another titanic team-up: badgers & coyotes working together, and playing together, to catch prey!  It is remarkable to see such cross-species cooperation: coyotes are good at tracking down the prey, while the badgers excel at digging them out!

610. Nov 13: The 65 MYO Chicxulub asteroid impact (thought to have killed the dinosaurs) generated megatsunamis as high as 3 km (1.9 mi).

610a. Bonus #weirdscifacts, via @aetiology: having sex with animals increases risk of penile cancer!  The oddest thing about this fact is that the researchers were able to get a significant collection of subjects who had had sex with animals…

611. Nov 14: Not all cockroaches are ugly! Behold Ellipsidion australe!  (h/t @bug_girl)  Another view!

612. Nov 15: The only piece of artwork on the Moon

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