Weird science facts, November 23 — November 29

Another week of Twitter #weirdscifacts!  It’s kind of hard to believe that I’ve been doing this for over 600 days straight.

620. Nov 23: Can’t beat this today: ‘Brinicle‘ ice finger of death filmed in Antarctic!  Supercold brine descends, ever so slowly, to the sea bed, where it spreads rapidly and freezes everything in its path…

621. Nov 24: Dolbear’s Law (1897): the possibility to crudely estimate temperature via cricket chirp rates. 

622. Nov 25:  Wood frogs with natural antifreeze can survive up to 65% of body water freezing. I saw “The Muppets” on this particular day, so it seemed appropriate to use a frog-themed tweet!

623. Nov 26: In 1874, physicist William Thomson proposed to his future wife by signaling from ship to shore. 

624. Nov 27: Because he couldn’t find a decent chemistry textbook, Mendeleev wrote his own & constructed the periodic table in process.  It’s quite fascinating to think that the entire history of chemistry might have been different if the existing textbooks hadn’t sucked!

625. Nov 28: Flying frogs? Well, gliding frogs, but still weird!  These are not as odd as the “flying snakes” that we’ve discussed previously, but I had a bunch of frog facts on hand…

626. Nov 29: Every calcium ion in your skeleton gets replaced about every 20 yrs! (h/t @krystaldcosta @bonegirlphd)

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