Weird science facts, December 21 — December 27

Time for a holiday edition of Twitter #weirdscifacts!  Alas, there’s nothing particularly holiday-themed about this collection of facts, but they are weird!

648. Dec 21: Scientific paper retraction by reason of insanity?  In 1951, an entomologist published a paper about “a mite infestation of her scalp that resisted all treatment and was undetectable to anyone other than herself”.  It is now thought that her infestation was imaginary, in what is referred to as “delusional parasitosis”.  (h/t @bonegirlphd)

649. Dec 22: The diamond weevil actually has diamonds (of a sort) on it!  The “diamonds” in question are not true diamonds made of carbon, but are crystals with the same sort of molecular structure.  (h/t @bug_girl)

650. Dec 23: Magnetic bacteria!!?? I actually forgot to include the link on this tweet originally!  Remarkably, a variety of bacteria contain magnetic nanoparticles that allow them to “swim” along magnetic field lines.  (via @boraz and by @labratting)

651. Dec 24: There is actually a beetle named after Robert Redford! (h/t @bug_girl!)

652. Dec 25: What is the psychology of a prisoner or prison guard? The 1971 Stanford prison experiment

653. Dec 26: Uranus is the coldest planet in the solar system: as low as 49 degrees Kelvin above absolute zero on cloud tops!  Most planets generate heat in their interior that, together with solar radiation, keeps the surface temperature relatively high.  Uranus is evidently missing that internal source of heat, and is consequently very cold.

654. Dec 27: The gentleman who “hacked” the wireless telegraph in 1903!  We tend to think of hacking as a very recent phenomenon, but during a public demonstration of Marconi’s telegraph the machine started printing out rude messages, seemingly of its own volition!  The culprit was a fellow wireless dabbler whose own research had been frustrated by Marconi’s stifling patents. (h/t @nickycast)

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1 Response to Weird science facts, December 21 — December 27

  1. Hello Skullsinthestars,
    Interesting Thoughts, Ok i want to know y just why?

    In my entire life i sometimes see things b4 they happen and do stuff i dont mean to do.

    For example today i was waiting for 1&a half hours for my dad i sat down near a tennis court.a ball was rolling towards me it was about to hit the wall and rebound but i wanted to rebound exactly on the line. I watched the ball closely and then it actually stopped on the line.

    Again today i came home ate lunch turned on the laptop or so i thought b4 i touched the turn on button the computer turned on.

    December last year i was overseas and one day i woke up late and i had my tea which was made by my aunt and kept on the bedside cupboard every day. But this one day after i had my tea i had a vision of a broken mug. I quikly put my mug in the center of the bedside cupboard. I later then woke my cousin up and she had her tea my sister came and accidentally knocked her mug and it shattered exactly like the mug i had a vision.

    Im only 13 i dont believe in magik but whats going on ?
    Good Job!

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