One of my papers is top-ten cited in JOSA A!!??

Just a short note: on Twitter, Professor Andrew Dawes (thanks Andrew!) drew my attention to a recent email that the Optical Society of America sent out, listing the top ten most cited articles in the Journal of the Optical Society of America A over the past five years.  One of my 2008 papers, co-written with my UNCC colleague Bob Tyson, “Vortex beam propagation through atmospheric turbulence and topological charge conservation”, is on the list!  I knew the paper was doing reasonably well in citations, but it is a pleasant surprise to see just how well it is doing.

The paper can be read for free up until April 27th of this year, for those who are interested.  It investigates whether laser beams carrying an “optical vortex” will maintain this vortex after propagating some distance through the turbulent atmosphere.

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6 Responses to One of my papers is top-ten cited in JOSA A!!??

  1. That is one mighty suspicious ‘top-10’ list. A lot of material related to ‘beams’ propagating through the atmosphere. Whats next, beams propagating through sea water, sea water air interfaces and optical stabilization techniques for shark mounted optical systems.

    • Ha! Can’t you let me have my small victory? 😉

      I actually noted that there are a surprising number of turbulence-related papers. My best guess is that JOSA A has become the “go-to” journal for such research.

  2. Damon Diehl says:

    Mmm… delicious free science!

  3. Yuli Qiu says:

    What a wonderful thing! Congratulations!

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