Weird science facts, February 22 — February 28

Getting close to a complete & continuous two years of Twitter #weirdscifacts! I don’t think I have the ambition to go for three, so enjoy them while they last!  Now that I’m getting close, however, I’m happy to throw in bonus facts for your entertainment.

711. Feb 22: Behold, the bizarre physics of the “Gobbling Drop“.  Because of the strong viscoelasticity of the polymers in the water, its cohesive force can overpower the forces that would normally cause it to thin out.  Thus, a gobbling drop results! (via @io9)

711a. Primitive and Eyeless, World’s Deepest Land Animal Discovered!  This particular animal, coincidentally, is the springtail we talked about in last week’s facts!  (via @bug_girl)

712. Feb 23: After a meal, mosquitoes are essentially panting from their anuses to cool down.  Words fail me.  (via @settostun!)

713. Feb 24: 300-million-year-old fossilized forest preserved in volcanic ash.  (h/t @bonegirlPhD)

714. Feb 25: Via @mareserinitatis: Charles Steinmetz – the first consultant! This charming and odd story involves the time that Steinmetz was called in to fix a problem for Henry Ford.

715. Feb 26: The “Charlie Brown effect“: Why astronauts crave Tabasco sauce.  In space, bodily fluids that would normally be drawn downwards instead spread out more uniformly through the body, producing rounder heads and other odd effects. (h/t @stevesilberman)

715a. Whoa.  Biological warfare in year 1346: using black death against enemies.  The Mongols were laying siege to the city of Caffa when they began to succumb to the black death.  In the ultimate act of spite, the Mongols catapulted diseased corpses into the city, infecting the inhabitants and precipitating the spread of the plague to Europe. (by @ptak, h/t @JenLucPiquant)

716. Feb 27: How Eratosthenes measured the Earth’s circumference in 300 B.C.E.! (video)

716a. Whale farts! Speechless, again. (via @MiriamGoldste)

717. Feb 28: New Blood Type Discovered!  (via @BoraZ)

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2 Responses to Weird science facts, February 22 — February 28

  1. Patricio says:

    Great list of facts.

  2. Ocean Lover says:

    I love these weird science facts. I did not know about the anus paintings done by mosquitoes though.

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