Weird science facts, March 7 — March 13

This is it — today marks the 2-year anniversary of Twitter #weirdscifacts, meaning I’ve been posting facts on Twitter every day for 2 years straight! Not sure what I’ll do with the facts next — trying to decide by next week how to proceed…

725. Mar 07: Electrician gets a Licthenberg tattoo from a lightning strike!  (via @swansontea) Lichtenberg figures are branching, fractal-like figures that can be burnt into  materials via electrical discharges.  Apparently people struck by lightning get similar figures relatively often.  (Image via Wikipedia):

726. Mar 08: Mount Roraima, a genuine lost world that inspired “The Lost World”.  Pictures of the remarkable mountain can be seen here.  An image from Wikipedia is shown below.

727. Mar 09: Sperm discovered doing basic calculus! Well, perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but sperm have been discovered to direct themselves based on changes in concentration of calcium, which is essentially the calculus action of taking a derivative!  (h/t @sciencegoddess)

728. Mar 10: Horses masturbate around 18 times per day, on average.  Post by @scicurious!

728a.  Got PMS? Time to Spot the Snake!  Bonus weirdness via @scicurious!

729. Mar 11: Einstein, 1934: “There is not the slightest indication that [nuclear energy] will ever be obtainable.”  Many prominent scientists, engineers and visionaries have made strong predictions that turn out to be rather absurdly wrong.

730. Mar 12: The 1967 earthquake in Konya, India: likely caused by the filling of a new dam reservoir.  With all the discussion of the likely connection between “fracking” and earthquakes, more attention has been focused on earlier quakes induced by human action.

731. Mar 13: Who killed Pluto? Well, in the late 1980s, Isaac Asimov tried to!  (h/t @blakestacey)

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3 Responses to Weird science facts, March 7 — March 13

  1. Pops says:

    Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary. Your weird science facts are not only enjoyable but I learn from them as well.

  2. Grad says:

    Go for 1001 then make a book.

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