Weird science facts: “Why am I still doing this?” edition

I’ve definitely decided to stop doing a Twitter #weirdscifacts a week, but it’s hard to slow down!  I’ll be travelling for the rest of the week, however, so I’ll be forced to stop at last — here’s a few facts to keep you entertained.  I’ll be posting intermittently over the next few days.

739. Mar 21: Deep-sea nature is gross: behold the “bone-eating snot flowers“! 

740. Mar 22: Researchers have introduced a new form of robotic underwater motion: the robo-jelly!  (Via @Verbal_SeduXion)

741. Mar 23: 1939: grad student George Dantzig solved 2 famous unsolved math problems when he mistook them for homework problems. 

742. Mar 24: Whale falls: the whale carcasses that support entire deep-sea ecosystems.

743. Mar 25: The science of cats falling from high-rises.  There have been (statistical) studies done of the remarkable survival rate of cats falling from tall buildings.  It becomes almost obvious when you realize how much of a cat’s time is spent in the trees, and how often accidental falls must occur.

744. Mar 26: 18th century bone telescopes found in old toilets in Amsterdam.  It’s odd enough to imagine telescopes made out of cow legs, but it’s even weirder to think that someone threw such expensive items into a toilet!  (Via @BoneGirlPhD)

745. Mar 27: How the urea in the Greenland shark inspired an Inuit legend!  I get quite amused at thinking about how this legend got started.  Inuit #1 eating a Greenland shark: “Ack!  This thing tastes like pee!”  Inuit #2: “How do you know what pee tastes like?”

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2 Responses to Weird science facts: “Why am I still doing this?” edition

  1. scicurious says:

    Awww boo! I always enjoy these!

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